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Pratt Police Department

Chief Eric L. Eagle


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DIAL 9-1-1


Police Dept: 304-442-0103

On Duty Cell: 304-437-1642


Travel Safety Tips

1.  Have your vehicle checked for the following: brakes, battery, fluid levels, tire pressure, light bulbs and any parts that need regular maintenance.

2.  Plan your route.  Do you have maps in case there are detours?  Check traffic cameras, detours and road conditions/closures for the areas you will be travelling in.

3.  Are you prepared for roadway emergencies?  Bring along a first-aid kit, flashlight, blankets, drinking water and snacks, flares, jumper cables and an ice scraper.

4.  Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave.

5.  If your vehicle breaks down on the roadway or you have a minor collision, it is vitally important to remove your vehicle from the flow of traffic and off the roadway, if at all possible.

6.  Never try to get out of your vehicle in the flow of traffic and push the vehicle or look under the hood.

7.   If you are changing a tire, be mindful of the traffic around you and ensure the vehicle is well off the roadway.

8.  If you are traveling into other states where you are unfamiliar with the roadways, pay close attention to speed limit and other roadway signs giving you instructions.

9.  Be patient  Do not tail gate.  Keep a safe following distance and refuse to engage in aggressive/combative driving.